First Time Guest
What to Expect

Welcome to GCBC. We’re glad that you’re interested in being our guest. Below, you’ll find useful information about Sundays at GCBC. When you spend time with us, you’ll find that we are a loving and welcoming church but far from perfect. Our desire, however, is to point you to the One who is.

Each Sunday, we gather together from 10:00-11:15 a.m. in the King’s Grant Clubhouse, 222 Fairington Drive, conveniently located just off Dorchester Road. Each Sunday we have coffee, juice, and light breakfast items available and most people come dressed in casual attire.

Our worship time consists of several songs of praise and adoration, prayers of praise and confession, Scripture reading, and a time to give gifts to God. Our music is a mix of old and new led by various instruments, but, carefully selected to ensure that the core of the gospel message is our primary emphasis of meditation and praise. The preaching and teaching are expositional which means we attempt to bring out the point of a particular biblical passage and then apply it to our everyday lives. It is not uncommon for people to come early and stay after our worship gathering to share in each other’s lives.

Our Kids meet in a clubhouse just a short walk up from where the large gathering happens. The younger children [Nursery – 3rd Grade] meet during the large gathering and the older children [4th– 6th grade] meet before our worship time at 9:00 a.m. Click Here for more information about what happens in our GCBC KIDS Discipleship Ministry Times.

For those who need special assistance there is a convenient wheel chair ramp available. We hope you will consider being our guest this week at GCBC.

Sunday Morning Schedule

8:30am – Worship Set-up (when necessary) — Volunteers arrive early to help with coffee, snacks, chairs, A/V equipment & more

9:00am - Children's Bible Study and Adult Seminar (KG Townhouse Clubhouse)

9:30am – Pre-Worship Fellowship (and snacks) — People arrive early before worship to reconnect and enjoy one another in conversation and light breakfast items

10:00am Worship Gathering — Our worship time includes gospel driven songs, scripture, prayer, and expositional preaching. We also communicate information and announcements weekly to God’s people.

11:15am Post-Service Fellowship and Clean-up — It is not uncommon for people to linger after the worship time and have spiritually significant conversations about the message. This time sometimes overflows into meals shared together at local restaurants.

Care Groups

Care Groups are an important part of our on-going disciple-making efforts at GCBC.  We value community and the incredible need every believer has to be connected with other believers.  These groups meet at various times in various places throughout the Summerville area.  Care Groups are designed to foster encouragement, accountablility, fellowship, and spiritual support as we live out our lives.  New Groups are started as needed or you can join an existing group.


Membership is meaningful at GCBC. We consider it a delight to surrender our wills, desires, and lives under the full authority of God’s word in every sphere of life. We believe a church family should live out the one another commands found in the New Testament especially to encouraging, support, and share life together. The following process details how to become a member at GCBC:

                          • Indicate to an Elder your desire to join with GCBC
                          • Plan a time to interview with an Elder to share your personal faith/conversion story
                          • Schedule a time with an Elder to complete the New Member’s seminar.
                          • Download and sign the New Member’s Agreement
                          • Be presented to the Church at a Sunday Morning Gathering
New Member's Seminar

The New Member’s Seminar includes the following items:

                          • Who is GCBC – Explanation of the Vision and Mission Statement; Core Beliefs [BFM 2000]
                          • Assignment 1: God’s Story; Our Story
                          • Assignment 2: Personal Disciple-Making Plan
                          • Explanation of the Membership Agreement